Volkswagen charged $150 to locate carjacked child

A woman in Libertyville, Illinois, was carjacked with her 2-year-old son in the backseat on February 23.

Carjacking incident

The carjacker drove off in the woman's Volkswagen Atlas SUV, partially running the woman over in the process.

Woman and child

The police were alerted and initiated a search for the vehicle and child.

Car-Net service

The Lake County Sheriff's Office reached out to Volkswagen for assistance in locating the car using their "Car-Net" service, which includes GPS tracking.

Police alerted

The Car-Net representative requested a payment of $150 to provide the location information.

Payment requested

The detective pleaded with the representative, explaining the situation as a "life-or-death situation," but the representative insisted on the payment.

Payment made

The woman's family eventually provided a credit card number to pay the fee so that they could locate the car.

Child found

During the 30 minutes it took to resolve the payment issue, the police found the abandoned child in a nearby parking lot.

Car located

The Volkswagen Atlas was found shortly after in another lot.

Breach acknowledged

Volkswagen released a statement acknowledging a breach of their Car-Net procedure and promising to address the situation with the involved parties.

Situation addressed