Range Rovers becoming prime targets for thieves in the UK


Range Rovers are becoming prime targets for thieves in the UK, with 5,200 stolen by 2022.

Range Rover thefts

Insurance companies have noticed and premiums for Range Rovers have increased, sometimes doubling or tripling in value.

Increased premiums

Some insurers refuse to cover a Range Rover, leaving owners vulnerable.

Refusal to cover

Professional thieves are using keyless entry technology to gain access to the vehicle.

Keyless entry

Many stolen Range Rovers are protected locally or shipped overseas, never to be seen again.

Protection and shipping

JLR resolves insurance with advanced Remote app security features.

JLR's resolution

Range Rovers were not JLR’s first brush with crime, as in the 1960s, Jaguar Mk II sedans were the go-to cars for criminals.

JLR's past crime

Range Rover owners should invest in the best immobilizer and aftermarket equipment available.

Best security

If any suspicious activity is seen, garages should be secured tightly.

Secure garages