Ram 1500 REV: Electric Pickup with Innovative Design

By Autogos Team

Ram 1500 REV is an all-electric pickup truck that was officially confirmed at the Chicago Auto Show.

Ram 1500 REV

CEO Mike Koval Jr. spoke to MotorTrend and stated that the response to the REV was overwhelmingly positive.

Positive Feedback

The REV design is largely locked in, but there may be some small tweaks based on feedback.

Design Tweaks

The final version will be more conservative in design compared to the concept, but still modern.

Modern Look

The REV will have regular doors for the crew cab, large Ram boxes, tracks in the cabin, and an industry-first third row of jump seats.

Unique Features

Ram is considering a range-extending version of the REV as a plug-in hybrid with a small gas engine.

Possible Hybrid

The range-extending version is not a done deal yet due to engineering challenges.

Engineering Challenges

The priority for Ram is to launch the REV first, as part of Stellantis' plan to phase out combustion engines for all 14 Stellantis brands.

Launch Priority