Issues with Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup

Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck has been crowned 2023 MotorTrend Truck of the Year.

Truck of Year

Ford has called for undelivered Lightnings to be held due to high voltage battery pack issues affecting at least 100 pickups.

Undelivered Pickups

Performance degradation is caused by the HVB not performing as intended, and Ford has not yet disclosed the cause of the issue.

HVB Issue

Ford has promised to cover replacement parts and alert affected customers, but has not given a timeline for when the issue will be corrected.

Replacement Parts

Ford has access to each vehicle's OTA connection and is aware of at least 100 potentially affected vehicles.

Affected Vehicles

The root cause analysis will determine how long it takes to resolve the issue.

Root Cause

Ford recently announced the construction of a battery plant in Michigan that will supply cheaper LFP chemistry batteries for the F-150 Lightning.

Battery Plant

The entry price of the F-150 Lightning has increased since its debut, with three price hikes this year alone.

Price Hikes

The battery production requirement for the EV Tax Credit may become more relevant due to the price hikes.

Tax Credit

The issue with the HVB in undelivered trucks is not affecting those already on dealer lots and in the hands of owners.heading for every point in 2 words

Delivered Trucks