Is Mercedes-Benz Discontinuing Most of Its Iconic Coupe and Wagon Models?

By Autogos Team

Mercedes-Benz's New Strategy

The German luxury automaker aims to reshape its portfolio to become more profitable and cater to contemporary luxury car customers.

Discontinuation of Models

Mercedes-Benz will retire wagons, coupes, and convertible vehicles, as well as certain coupe-like SUVs and sedans.

Focus on Top-End Variants

The brand's focus will shift to top-end variants from AMG and Maybach, as well as super-exclusive Mythos models.

Reduction of Body Styles

Only 14 out of the 33 current body styles offered by Mercedes-Benz will survive the reshuffle.

End of Production for Certain Models

The C-class and E-class coupes and convertibles will be discontinued and replaced by two-door CLE-class models. The

Popular Choice Among Car Enthusiasts

Wagons and shooting brakes in Europe have been hit the hardest, with the C-class wagon gone after 2028

Exciting Vehicles in the Pipeline

Mercedes-Benz still has exciting vehicles in the pipeline, including the AMG GT coupe, SL roadster with a new Maybach offering

Focus on AMG and Maybach Models

Mercedes-Benz is placing a great deal of emphasis on AMG and Maybach models, as well as its new Mythos series of hyper-expensive collectibles.