Investing in the Electric Car Market

By Autogos Team

Electric Cars

Electric cars rely on an electric motor for propulsion.

Growth in Electric Car Sales

Electric car sales increased by 60% in 2022 according to Car And Driver magazine.

Electric Car Market Share

Currently, around 5% of all new car sales in the US are electric vehicles.

Major Electric Car Manufacturers

Tesla dominates the electric car market in the US, responsible for about two-thirds of sales.

Investment in Electric Cars

Direct investment options include stocks in EV manufacturers, such as Tesla, General Motors, and Toyota.

Investment in Electric Car Suppliers

Investment options also include companies that supply EV manufacturers with parts, batteries, and motors. 

Growing Electric Car Market

The electric car market is growing with more companies entering the market and government support.

Investing Considerations

Before investing in the electric car market, it is important to consider stock volatility and conduct thorough research.