Hyundai Tucson vs. Kia Sportage

Tucson and Sportage share similarities in power, drivetrains, and dimensions

Shared similarities

Both have a standard 2.5L I-4 engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission

Engine and transmission

Sportage X-Pro has all-terrain tires, while Tucson has better approach/breakover/departure angles

Off-road capability

Passenger comfort and space are equal in both models

Passenger space

Sportage has a more appealing interior design and slightly better road manners

Design and value

Both models have hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions with better fuel economy and performance

Hybrid and PHEV options

Overall, the Sportage has an edge over the Tucson in terms of interior design and road manners.

Overall conclusion

Tucson PHEV and Sportage X-Line PHEV offer up to 261 hp and can travel on electricity alone for up to 34 miles