Hyundai recalls 65k Genesis for defect

Hyundai is recalling 65,517 Genesis SUVs and sedans due to concerns with their seatbelt pretensioners.

Hyundai recalls

The mechanism that tightens the belt in the event of a crash may deploy abnormally in certain crashes due to overpressurization.

Seatbelt pretensioners

Metal fragments entering the vehicle compartment due to overpressurization could cause injuries to vehicle occupants.

Overpressurization danger

Hyundai has faced similar issues with exploding seatbelts in the past.

Previous similar issues

Kia, a subsidiary of Hyundai, has also had to issue recalls over exploding pretensioners.

Kia recalls

Owners of the affected vehicles can have their cars repaired for free at authorized Hyundai dealers.

Free repairs

The recall is the latest blow to Hyundai's reputation in the luxury vehicle market.

Luxury vehicle blow

Proper safety checks and quality control in the automotive industry are important.

Safety checks