How to Maximize Range in Your EV During Winter

Cold weather reduces EV range by up to 57%

Cold weather

Driving faster can conserve energy and extend range in winter.

Driving faster

Geotab found that for a 65 kWh battery, ideal speed to maximize range is about 19 mph at 68°F, and 37 mph at 32°F.

Geotab's findings

The sooner you reach your destination, the less energy you'll need to heat the cabin and conserve the battery's energy.

Reach destination

Tips to maximize range include preheating the car, driving smoothly, keeping tires properly inflated, and using heated seats and steering wheel instead of the heater.

Maximize EV range

Results based on data model, and range differences may vary depending on the temperature and vehicle type.

Data model

Electric vans may have a harder time with drag, so range differentials are not the same as sleeker sedans or coupes.

Electric vans

Conserving energy during winter can help maximize EV range and make it more efficient.

Conserving energy