honda cr-v fuel cell suv production with gms assistance to begin in usa in 2024

By Autogos Team

Honda CR-V has made it clear that it still believes hydrogen is the future and has announced plans to increase its use as an alternative fuel source.

The company has a long history with hydrogen, having made the first-generation Clarity fuel cell vehicle mainstream in 2008.

To tackle the cost issue, Honda has teamed up with General Motors to develop the next-generation fuel cell systems.

On the FCEV side, Honda will introduce an all-new model in 2024 in the USA and Japan based on the CR-V.

The CR-V will be built at the Acura NSX assembly plant in Ohio, where the staff is already familiar with batteries and low-volume models.

In the commercial sector, Honda is working with Isuzu to create a prototype fuel cell-powered heavy-duty truck.

The company has already proven this to be a viable business model through its partnership with the Dongfeng Motor Group.

In the construction segment, Honda will use its new fuel cells in excavators and wheel loaders.