Honda Civic Si Conquers Watkins Glen Racetrack in 2022

By Autogos Team

Creature Comforts

Lacks heated seats, noticed during cold Michigan winter

Track Experience at Watkins Glen International

– Well-balanced, held its own against more powerful sports cars – Fun to drive with valuable insights from instructor

Winter Tires

Swapped summer tires for Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 winter tires

Performance & Handling

– Reliable and capable on the track – Impressive performance and handling in high-speed corners

Missing Features

– Lack of creature comforts a challenge during winter – Hoping Honda addresses missing features

Popular Choice Among Car Enthusiasts

Turbocharged engine, advanced suspension, aggressive styling


– Mix of excitement and frustration after 30,000 miles – Exciting journey, hope to see Honda refine it further

Fleet Specs

– 11 months in fleet – 30,303 miles – Average fuel economy of 31 mpg