Honda Brings Back LX Trim Level for Civic and CR-V

Honda is bringing back the LX trim level for its Civic and CR-V models.

The move effectively lowers the entry prices for both cars.

The Civic LX starts at $24,545, while the CR-V LX starts at $29,505.

The LX models come with fewer features than the Sport and EX counterparts.

The Civic LX sedan and hatchback will have steel wheels with hubcaps instead of aluminum wheels.

The CR-V LX will likely have steel wheels with or without hubcaps and lack niceties such as a sunroof and leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The LX models still offer excellent value for the price.

The return of the LX trim level for the Civic and CR-V offers customers a more affordable option.

Honda learned that customers missed the basic trim level, which had long been among the Civic's most popular variants.