GMC's Fort Wayne plant pauses production

GM is temporarily shutting down its Fort Wayne truck manufacturing facility for two weeks starting March 27.

GM shutdown

The plant produces around 1,300 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 trucks per day.

Fort Wayne plant

The shutdown is intended to maintain optimal inventory levels with GM’s dealerships.

Truck production

Target inventory

The shutdown is meant to help GM reach its target inventory level of between 50 to 60 days through 2023.

The decision is in line with both the national and local UAW bargaining agreements.

UAW agreements

Production at the plant is up over the past month, while demand remains consistent, resulting in an increase in inventory.

Demand consistent

GM’s other full-size truck plants in Michigan, Canada, and Mexico will continue with operations during the two-week shutdown in Indiana.

Other truck plants

The Fort Wayne plant constantly reviews and adjusts its production schedules to keep inventory levels at dealerships at an optimal level.

Production schedules

The shutdown comes at an interesting time for pickup production and automotive manufacturing in general.

Interesting time