Ford & Red Bull Racing in F1

By Autogos Team

 Ford is making a return to Formula 1 through a partnership with Red Bull Racing.

The deal involves providing financial and technical support in exchange for engines badged as Ford products.

Red Bull Powertrains will develop the engines in-house for 2026 regulations.

The partnership was confirmed after a failed deal between Red Bull and Porsche.

Ford has a rich history in motorsports, including funding the Cosworth DFV V8 engine and owning the Jaguar F1 team.

General Motors is also entering the F1 scene through a partnership with Andretti Autosport using Cadillac-branded cars and Renault engines.

The return of Ford to F1 is expected to bring excitement and increased competition to the sport.

The partnership between Ford and Red Bull Racing signals a bright future for motorsports with two major players in the automotive industry.