Ford F-150 Lightning: Unique Home Integration System

By Autogos Team

The Ford F-150 Lightning comes with a Home Integration System.

Home Integration

The system allows the vehicle's battery to power the house during a power outage.

Power Outage

It uses the Ford Charge Station Pro Level 2 charger and an inverter installed by Sunrun.

Charger & Inverter

During normal conditions, the vehicle charges from the house.

Vehicle ChargingLook

During a power outage, the inverter converts the DC power into AC power to power the house.

DC to AC

The estimated cost to install the Home Integration System is around $18,000.

Installation Cost

There are alternative options available, including upgrading the electrical panel and installing a Level 2 charger, which is estimated to cost around $6,000.

Alternative Options

The decision to install the Home Integration System depends on cost, specific requirements, and likelihood of a power outage.

Decision Factors