Ferrari Boosts Sales and Profits with 2022 Records

By Autogos Team

Ferrari recorded impressive sales and financial results in 2022 with 13,221 units delivered and a net profit of 939 million euros.

Record Sales

Europe, Middle East & Africa was the top-performing region with 5,958 units sold.

Increased Profit

The company's total revenue for 2022 was 5.095 billion euros, a 19% increase from the previous year.

Region Sales Lead

Ferrari has set a higher net revenue target for 2023 of 5.7 billion euros.

2023 Revenue Goal

The brand's outlook for 2023 is optimistic with the recent launch of its first four-door crossover, the Purosangue.

Purosangue Introduction

The Purosangue boasts a 6.5-liter V12 engine producing 715 BHP and 716 Nm

V12 Engine Specs

Deliveries of the Purosangue are expected to start this year with a two-year waiting list and temporarily stopped accepting further orders.

Waiting List

Ferrari's financial success and highly-anticipated Purosangue are a testament to the brand's continued dominance in the supercar market.

Dominance in Market