Driving the 1980 AMC Eagle:A Revolutionary Four-Wheel Drive Car

By Autogos Team

Staff members at AMC were enthusiastic about the Eagle prototypes.

Eagle Prototype

The author was cautious about the enthusiasm for the Eagle.

Enthusiasm and Folly

The author test drove the Eagle and fell in love with it.

Test Drive

The Eagle is not just a Concord with four-wheel drive, but a luxurious compact car.

Luxurious Compact

The wagon configuration is the most appropriate for the Eagle idea.

 Wagon Configuration

The Hornet/Concord became the Eagle and became a commanding success.

Mind-Blowing Success

AMC doubled its original estimate of first-year sales and discontinued the Pacer to focus on the Eagle.

Vast Untapped Market

The Eagle is a new approach to 4WD for road cars in America.

New Approach

Stiffened suspension, all-season tires, and independent front suspension contribute to the pleasure of driving an Eagle.

Surprising Pleasure