Dodge Reveals Updated Simulated Exhaust Sound for EVs

Dodge has revealed an updated version of its simulated exhaust sound for EVs.

Updated sound

The Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust produces a 126-decibel "exhaust" noise.

Loud exhaust

The sound system uses an amplifier near the rear of the car to produce the sound.

Rear amplifier

The sound is similar to that of a traditional V-8 engine.

V-8 similarity

The latest iteration of the sound system produces a more realistic sound at seamless speeds.

Realistic iteration

The move of Dodge into the EV market is an exciting development.

Important transition

Dodge's entry into the EV market promises to be a game-changer.

Game-changing entry

The brand's signature muscle car design will combine with the latest electric powertrain technology.

Muscle design

The updated simulated exhaust sound ensures the transition to electricity doesn't mean sacrificing the brand's iconic sound.

Iconic sound