A Virtual Facelift for the Honda Civic


The Honda Civic is a popular car known for its sporty performance, reliability, and value.

Civic popularity

The 11th-generation Civic, released in 2022, has a mature, minimalist styling.

11th-gen style

The recently released 2023 Honda Accord has made the Civic's inspiration outdated.

Accord inspiration

To envision the future of the Civic, a virtual facelift has been given to the car.

Virtual facelift

The facelift incorporates design cues from the new Accord, including a more modern and aggressive front end and transposed taillights.

Modern front-end

Honda has not confirmed whether they will facelift the Civic to resemble the Accord.

Unconfirmed facelift

The similarities between the Civic and Accord suggest that any future updates will likely keep their shared design language.

Shared design language

The virtual facelift is a glimpse into what the car could look like in the future.

Future glimpse