5 Chinese automakers lead in electric vehicle production

By Autogos Team

China is home to the largest new-car market and highest automobile production in the world.

BYD, also known as Build Your Dreams, already sells cars in Europe to customers who have a liking for startups and deep pockets.


Its Atto 3 (five-seat crossover), Han (compact sedan), and Tang (seven-seat SUV) are expensive EVs. In China, BYD is recognized for making affordable transportation appliances.

Horizons is a privately owned company and is moving into the luxury market with its brand HiPhi.

Human Horizons

Human Horizons has inked an assembly agreement with Dongfeng Yueda Kia and is selling the full-size X SUV and the Z sedan online under the HiPhi brand.

The automotive startup Nio is centered on the idea of quick battery swapping, although its cars can also be recharged conventionally.


Nio has received backing from powerful investors including Autohome, Lenovo, and Tencent for its alternative energy-feeding system on a global scale.

XPeng Motors, a small player based in Guangzhou and trading on the New York Stock Exchange, focuses on value.


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