The world of motorsports is about to get a whole lot more electrifying with the recent revelation of the Bioniq Phoenix by Unplugged Performance. This fully rebuilt and converted Tesla Model 3 is unlike anything we’ve seen before and is set to take the racetrack by storm.

The Rise of the Bioniq Phoenix
The Rise of the Bioniq Phoenix

From Crashed Tesla to Track Monster: The Bioniq Phoenix is Born

The Bioniq Phoenix is based on a Tesla Model 3 that met with an unfortunate accident during Pikes Peak practice in 2020. However, the damage from the crash has been used as an opportunity to create something truly extraordinary. The end result is a time attack monster that boasts aggressive aero, central seating position, and more power from the electric powertrain.

Downforce and Weight Reduction: The Key to Blazing Fast Lap Times

The Bioniq Phoenix is designed to produce over 4,000 lbs of downforce, thanks to its bespoke aero components. The front end of the vehicle has been fully enclosed, with ultra-wide front and rear fenders, a vented bonnet, covered headlights, and a massive rear wing mounted on the tailgate. The entire aero kit, including the 19-inch UP-03 forged alloy wheels, is made of dry carbon for weight-saving reasons. In total, the Bioniq Phoenix weighs around 200 lbs less than a stock Tesla Model 3.

Central Seating Position and Stripped-Off Interior

The interior of the Bioniq Phoenix has been completely stripped-off and converted to a single-seater with a central driving position. This not only adds to the racecar aesthetic but also helps in reducing the weight of the vehicle.

Performance Figures: A Mystery Yet to be Unveiled

While Unplugged Performance has not yet revealed the power output or performance figures of the Bioniq Phoenix, it is safe to say that this track-prepped Tesla will be nothing short of blistering fast. The Bioniq Phoenix will make its debut at motorsport events starting from Buttonwillow Raceway, and we can’t wait to see what it is capable of.

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In Conclusion

The Bioniq Phoenix is a testament to the innovation and creativity that the electric vehicle industry is capable of. With its aggressive aero, central seating position, and reduced weight, it is poised to set new standards in the world of motorsports. We can’t wait to see the Bioniq Phoenix in action on the racetrack.

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