Tesla is known for being a luxury electric vehicle manufacturer, but exactly how much do Tesla vehicles cost? Below, we’ve provided information on the prices of each Tesla model available, as of February 2023. We’ve also included a reference to the most recent price changes. Tesla changes its prices and trim levels often, but you can use this guide as a reference to get an idea of the costs of buying a new Tesla.

How much does a Tesla Model 3 cost?

The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable Tesla model. The rear-drive Standard Range Plus model base price increased to $48,190 in March 2022, but Tesla decreased it to $43,990. However, the out-the-door price is $44,380. The car has an estimated driving range of 267 miles and now qualifies again for the Federal EV tax credit, for up to a $7,500 rebate. The Long Range model isn’t available at the moment but will most likely return to the lineup. The Performance model now manages an EPA-rated 315 miles of range on a full charge and is now priced at $55,380 with destination. Both Long Range and Performance models come standard with all-wheel-drive.

How much does a Tesla Model S cost?

The Tesla Model S is significantly more expensive than the Model 3. The Long Range variant, which travels an estimated 405 miles on a full charge, sees a decent price reduction from its most recent MSRP of $106,190 to $96,380. After the Plaid variant saw its price hiked to $131,190, it saw yet another jump to a whopping $137,190 but has been slashed to $116,380. Although its driving range falls to an estimated 348 miles, the Model S Plaid benefits from a manufacturer-estimated 0-60 mph time of fewer than 2.0 seconds and a top speed of 200 mph.

How much does a Tesla Model X cost?

The Model X SUV is the most expensive Tesla currently available. With an estimated range of 332 miles, the Tesla Model X Long Range now goes for $111,380, down from its most recent charge of $122,190. The Model X Plaid’s range drops to an estimated 311 miles, but like the Model S Plaid, it delivers quicker acceleration and a higher top speed. Prices for this trim had started at $140,190 but have now plunged to “just” $121,380.

Did Tesla Increase Model Y Prices due to Biden’s Tax Credit Boost?How much does a Tesla Model Y cost?

The Model Y, Tesla’s compact SUV, starts at a more reasonable $56,380. The Long Range model capable of going an EPA-estimated 330 miles on a full charge of its battery pack. The five- and seven-seat Long Range now qualify for the Federal EV tax credit again, for up to $7,500 in savings. The Model Y comes standard with five seats, and the Long Range model adds a third-row bench for an extra $3,000.

How much does a new Tesla Roadster cost?

Tesla has ambitious goals for its new Roadster. Prices will start around $200,000. The Founders Series, limited to the first few hundred models, will start at $250,000.

Table of Specifications for Tesla vehicles

ModelStarting PriceDriving Range
Model 3$44,380267 miles
Model S$96,380405 miles
Model X$111,380332 miles
Model Y$56,380330 miles
Roadster$200,000620 miles
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