The Range Rover is synonymous with wealth and status, but it has also become a prime target for thieves in London. Autocar magazine reports that Range Rovers have become the second most popular cars stolen in the UK, with 5,200 stolen by 2022, mostly in London. Insurance companies have taken notice, and Range Rover premiums are reported to have increased, sometimes doubling or tripling in value.

Some insurers even refuse to cover a Range Rover, leaving owners in a vulnerable position. Many of the Range Rovers are being stolen by professional thieves using keyless entry technology to gain access to the vehicle. These vehicles are then protected locally or shipped overseas, never to be seen again. The problem is not with the car’s safety system but because the Range Rover is a fat and valuable target. Crime seems to really pay off.

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While the reported theft involved an older Range Rover, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the company that makes the Range Rover, has said it is working on a resolution to the insurance issue. JLR has also highlighted the advanced security features available through the company’s Remote app, which can help prevent theft. However, the issue of insurance still worries many Range Rover owners.

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Interestingly, this isn’t JLR’s first brush with gossip and choice. In the 1960s, Jaguar Mk II sedans were the go-to cars for the likes of Roy “The Weasel” James, the getaway driver in a number of thefts. This time, however, the Range Rover is really the ill-gotten gain.

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In the U.S. is, the most common vehicle stolen is a Ford F-150, while in Canada there have been recent cases of Range Rovers being stolen in Alberta. So, if you own a Range Rover, it’s wise to invest in the best immobilizer and aftermarket equipment available. And if you see any suspicious activity, you’d better secure your garage tightly.

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