Mercedes-Benz Introduction

Mercedes-Benz Reshaping its Portfolio for a More Profitable Future.Mercedes-Benz to Undergo a Portfolio Overhaul, phasing out Several Coupe and Wagon Models and Emphasizing High-Performance AMG and Maybach Versions, as well as Rare Mythos Models

Mercedes-Benz’s Strategic Plan

Mercedes-Benz, the renowned German luxury automaker, has set its sights on a bright future by reshaping its vast product portfolio. The automaker aims to move upmarket, become more profitable, and cater to the needs of contemporary luxury car customers. This strategy is a result of the company’s latest long-term plan, which was outlined in May 2022.

The Latest Developments in the Plan

In a bid to achieve this goal, Mercedes-Benz will be discontinuing a number of its models. According to insiders, the automaker is set to retire wagons, coupes, and convertible vehicles, as well as certain coupe-like SUVs and sedans. The brand’s focus will shift to top-end variants from AMG and Maybach, as well as super-exclusive Mythos models.


Reduction of 33 Body Styles to 14

Only 14 out of the 33 body styles that Mercedes-Benz currently offers will survive this reshuffle. The C-class and E-class coupes and convertibles will be discontinued between 2023 and 2024, to be replaced by a pair of two-door CLE-class models. The CLS-class will depart in 2024, and the sharp AMG GT 4 Door will follow in 2024 or 2025. The current GLE and GLC Coupes will receive new generations, but after that, their lineages will end.

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The Future of Coupes and Convertibles

Wagons and shooting brakes, particularly in Europe, have been hit the hardest. The Europe-market C-class wagon will be gone after 2028, and the next-generation E-class, which is set to spawn the automaker’s last wagon, will bid farewell at the end of its production run in 2030. The next-gen CLA-class, which will be based on the MMA electric platform and is due to debut in 2025, will be the brand’s last shooting brake in Europe.

Despite these changes, Mercedes-Benz still has some exciting vehicles in the pipeline. The Mercedes-AMG GT coupe, based on the current SL roadster, will launch later this year. The SL roadster will also expand its lineup with a new Maybach offering. In 2026, we will see a new four-door coupe, a next-generation SL with more cargo and rear-seat space, and a new AMG GT coupe, all of which will be electric. The MMA platform will also serve as the backbone for a chunky GLG-class SUV in 2026.

The Rise of AMG and Maybach

Mercedes-Benz is placing a great deal of emphasis on AMG and Maybach models, as well as its new Mythos series of hyper-expensive collectibles. This new lineup of cars is expected to feature capacious batteries (up to 150.0 kWh), power outputs approaching quadruple digits, and maximum ranges pushing towards the 500-mile mark on the European WLTP cycle. Maximum charging speeds should expand to 270 kilowatts, too, thanks to a greater reliance on 800-volt electrical systems.

The Future of Mercedes-Benz

In conclusion, Mercedes-Benz’s reshaped portfolio will see the automaker moving upmarket, with a focus on high-performance AMG and Maybach models, as well as rare Mythos collectibles. With new, exciting vehicles on the horizon, Mercedes-Benz is poised for a bright and profitable future.

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