Hyundai’s Vice President of N Brand Management and Motorsport, Till Wartenberg, has expressed interest in putting the N Vision 74 concept car into production, according to an interview with The Autopian. While he did not confirm the production or give a timeline for when it may happen, his passion for the project is apparent.

What is the N Vision 74 Concept?

The N Vision 74 concept car is a sports car with a wedge-shaped design inspired by a vintage coupe concept designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. It has a futuristic and modernized look, reminiscent of the DeLorean DMC-12. The concept car is powered by a dual hydrogen fuel cell and battery EV drivetrain, producing 670 horsepower.

What did Wartenberg say?

In the interview with The Autopian, Wartenberg expressed his personal wish to produce the N Vision 74 concept car. He acknowledged that it would be an investment, but he would be happy to see the vehicle out in the market and people buying it.

Is the N Vision 74 confirmed for production?

No, Wartenberg did not confirm the production or give a timeline for when it may happen. He only expressed his passion for the project, indicating that it is a desire at this stage, not a real plan.

Why is this important?

Hyundai has been investing in the development of electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The N Vision 74 concept car is a unique addition to the company’s lineup, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and technology.

Conclusion While there is no confirmation on whether the N Vision 74 concept car will make it to production, Wartenberg’s passion for the project indicates that it is a possibility. Hyundai’s interest in creating unique and innovative vehicles demonstrates its commitment to advancing the automotive industry. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Hyundai’s N Division.

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