The Honda Civic has been a popular choice among car buyers for decades, with its sporty performance, reliability, and value. The latest 11th-generation model, released in 2022, has been well-received for its mature, minimalist styling. However, with the recent release of the all-new 2023 Honda Accord, the Civic’s inspiration may now be a little outdated. To envision what the future of the Civic could look like, we have given it a virtual facelift, incorporating the latest design cues from the Accord.

Front End Refresh

The front end of the Civic has been digitally altered to mimic the new six-sided grille and full-width lower intake element of the 2023 Accord. The result is a more modern and aggressive look that fits seamlessly with the Civic’s overall design language. The slim grille and badge have been tweaked to create a sleek, prow-like forehead that gives the Civic a more dynamic appearance.

Tail Light Transposition

The Civic’s large, blocky taillights have always been a point of contention among fans and critics alike. To update this aspect of the car’s design, we have transposed the Accord’s taillights onto the Civic’s rear end. While the result is not perfect, due to the proportions of the Civic’s body, the new taillights give the car a more sophisticated look. The full-width taillight elements are taller and chonkier than on the Accord, but they still manage to create a more cohesive design.

A Look to the Future

It’s important to note that Honda has not confirmed whether they will facelift the Civic to resemble the Accord. However, it’s not uncommon for automakers to give their cars a mid-cycle update with minor bumper and lighting changes. The virtual facelift we’ve given the Civic is a glimpse into what the car could look like in the future.

Similarities with the Accord

It’s not surprising that the Civic’s body would lend itself to the new Accord’s look, considering the two cars share many similarities. Both the Civic and the Accord have undergone heavy revisions in their latest generations and feature similar cabin styling. The full-width air vent look and streamlined dashboard design of the 2022-23 Civic have been borrowed by the 2023 Accord, suggesting that any future updates to either model will likely keep this design language.

Final Thoughts

The Honda Civic is an iconic car with a loyal fan base, and any changes to its design are sure to spark debate. Our virtual facelift incorporates the latest design cues from the 2023 Honda Accord and gives the Civic a more modern and aggressive look. Whether Honda will actually facelift the Civic in this manner remains to be seen, but it’s exciting to imagine what the future of this beloved car could look like.

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