Ferrari Sets New Sales Record in 2022

The Ferrari brand has once again proven its superiority in the world of supercars with its recent financial results for 2022. The Italian automaker delivered a stunning 13,221 units, surpassing the previous year’s sales of 11,155 units. This impressive feat was reflected in the company’s net profit of 939 million euros, up from 833 million euros in 2021. The company’s total revenue for 2022 was 5.095 billion euros, a 19% increase from the previous year.


Ferrari Sees Increase in Net Profit and Total Revenue

Europe, Middle East & Africa was the region that saw the highest sales for Ferrari, with 5,958 units delivered. The Americas followed closely behind with 3,447 units, while Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan regions purchased 1,552 cars. The rest of the Asia-Pacific market purchased 2,264 units from the prestigious brand.

Ferrari’s Europe, Middle East & Africa Region Leads in Sales

The Maranello-based automaker has set its sights even higher for 2023, with a net revenue estimate of 5.7 billion euros, including funds from racing and lifestyle activities. One of the reasons for this optimistic outlook is the recent unveiling of the brand’s first four-door crossover, the Purosangue.

Ferrari’s High Expectations for 2023

Powered by a 6.5-litre V12 engine, producing 715 BHP and 716 Nm, the Purosangue is set to take the world by storm. With deliveries expected to begin this year, the product already boasts a two-year waiting list and has temporarily stopped accepting further orders.

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Ferrari’s Purosangue: The Future of Four-Door Crossovers

Ferrari’s dedication to excellence and commitment to delivering top-of-the-line products has once again paid off. The brand’s impressive sales and profits, along with the highly anticipated Purosangue, are a testament to its continued dominance in the supercar market.

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Ferrari Dominates Supercar Market with Impeccable Performance

In conclusion, Ferrari’s financial results for 2022 have set a new bar for the industry. With a strong outlook for 2023, the brand is well on its way to cementing its place as a leader in the world of high-performance vehicles.

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